Talking Solar With Charleston Home + Design

Southern Current recently had the pleasure of talking solar with the folks behind Charleston Home + Design Magazine and Radio. Click play on the audio clip below and listen to Southern Current’s Sheri Porter give some tips and suggestions about going solar on your home.

A Few Takeaways From The Radio Segment

How to get started with solar

The easiest way to get started learning about solar is to Contact Us to schedule a FREE solar evaluation. By using your home’s address, satellite mapping, and recent power bill data, we can easily help you understand the best solar options for your property.

Things to consider

55% of total costs are paid by available solar tax credits & rebates.

A 25 year warranty is offered on the solar panels, and with no moving parts there’s very little maintenance (maybe some rinsing with a water hose if they get covered by pollen).

An installation for the average home typically takes about 2 days from start to finish. Click to view our Solar Portfolio.

As much as 100% electricity offset is achievable with solar, it all depends on the amount of energy used at your home and the number of panels that can be installed on your property.

Save Money with Solar Power

Southern Current offers quality & value with solar solutions across the Southeast. Whether you’re interested in solar for your home, business, or property, we’ve here to help you save money and transition to an energy future where local power needs are served by power stations that produce clean, renewable solar energy. Contact Us to request more information TODAY!