Summerville, South Carolina Homeowner Discusses Going Solar With Southern Current

The following interview was conducted with Jeff H., recent Southern Current residential solar customer who lives in Summerville, South Carolina. Find out how much money you could be saving on electricity costs by contacting Southern Current today!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Born & raised in Southeast Michigan. Moved to Summerville, SC in 2010. I miss my Detroit sports and my family & friends in “the D”, but I don’t miss the cold or the snow and ice. The climate & number of sunny days in South Carolina make it easy to live down here!

Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

Primarily for financial reasons.

How much did you know about solar energy?

I have a lot of stock in solar companies and have educated myself on the industry. I’ve been studying solar energy since 2011.

What kind of system did Southern Current install for your home?

It’s a roof-mounted 12.32 kW system using 44 Trina Solar 280W panels and a SolarEdge inverter. Click to view more details about this Summerville South Carolina home solar panel install.

Aerial view of the home solar panel install in Summerville, South Carolina.

Side view, Summerville South Carolina home solar panel install.

What made you choose Southern Current for your solar installation?

I did a lot of research, read a lot of reviews, and talked to a few friends who had gone with Southern Current and others who went with another company. Based on my due diligence, the reviews of others, the price comparison, and my sales woman (Sheri), who was excellent, I went with Southern Current.

What was the process of going solar like?

The sales, design, and installation process was very good on Southern Current’s part and very professional. The neighborhood HOA was very accommodating and Southern Current helped extensively with that procedure as well. My electric company’s net metering and approval process took longer than I would’ve liked.

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?

There was the initial “sticker shock” of shelling out all of the money up front. That was my decision – I wanted to avoid paying all of the interest on a loan. I think most people who do this set up a financing plan.

Having a cloudy, rainy summer season was also difficult and unfortunate.

What benefits have you seen since the installation?

I’ve realized energy usage savings from a little more than $100 to about $250 per month over the past 4 months.

What would you say to someone who is interested in going solar?

South Carolina certainly is a state where going solar makes financial sense. Just make sure you do all of your homework, get everything in writing and understand it all completely, including your power company’s billing structure, net metering riders and whether they set your bank to $0 if you over-produce in the spring.

Also, understand that the total cost of a system can vary greatly from installer to installer. Southern Current’s costs are very much lower than their competitors that I compared them to, and their customer service and professionalism rank at the top. I’m glad I went with the highly reputable company that I did.

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