Southern Current Residential and Commercial Solar Reach in Greenville

As many of you know, Southern Current has been servicing the entire state of South Carolina since the company started over 10 years ago. What you may not know is that our Greenville location opened about  2 years ago as we saw a growing need to expand our local residential and commercial service in the upstate. Justin Parrish is Southern Current’s Business Development Manager for this area: 

“I met my wife in Charleston and we moved to Greenville about 4 years ago. We love that it’s in the foothills and you can get to Asheville in an hour,” Justin says, “Greenville is a great area because it’s been a growing city for a while. It’s smaller but has tons of amenities for young people – breweries, restaurants, and farmers markets – it’s the best of both worlds for a more localized life.” 


Drone aerial of the downtown Greenville South Carolina SC skyline at sunrise.
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Because Greenville is the manufacturing hub of the southeast, a lot of businesses come through and the new infrastructure attracts a strong middle class. Southern Current believes in the value of servicing our customers in that area with the same quality and attention as anywhere else in the state. 

On a macro level, Southern Current is one of the founders of the solar industry in South Carolina and even the entire southeast. For over a decade, we have had the most influence on creating the solar market that current exists. We have an entire team dedicated to ensuring that this market has attractive legislation and incentives so customers can justify solar. We are driving economic development, wages and tax revenues in a way that nobody else is within the community on a level that nobody else can.



Particularly in the Greenville market, consumers tend to fall for the  “more for less” companies when it comes to solar, but there is no other company that compares to Southern Current.  We are part of the South Carolina Solar Council and South Carolina Solar Business Alliance. Our team is taking progressive strides in all areas of solar, not just installation. “If it weren’t for this kind of movement, the solar industry in our area would not be what it is today”.  Justin explains, “We have been the backbone of progressive solar legislation in SC, particularly for residential customers.”   

At Southern Current, we do not subcontract labor or any aspect of solar installation from start to finish. With now over 110 employees, our team has doubled in the last two years. Our diversity is what allows us to service our customers on a sustainable and expansive level. This all guarantees that we will be here long term because of the moves that we make in all areas from utility scale, commercial and residential. 


One of our commercial projects at the Greenville Target


Nobody is even a close second as to how we manuever as a company. “We are the highest quality installer that exists and always will be,” Justin says, “There is no one else in the same realm as to what we do and have done.”

Greenville solar customers can find the best of both worlds by supporting a local company that also has a big footprint on the industry at large with Southern Current. Our #SoCuSolarArmy trusts us because we offer quality control and believe in empowering our customers through education. 

The Southern Current Greenville office is located near Paris Mountain at 1808 Rutherford Road, on the industrial side surrounded by the railroads and port authority.

As with every county in South Carolina, Greenville solar clients can take advantage of the 25% tax credit and 30% federal tax incentive, but not forever! Make sure to contact us for a consultation if you’ve been considering solar. 


Fastest Growing Company

Fastest Growing Company In South Carolina

SC Biz Recognizes Solar Company’s Expanding Footprint

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Southern Current has been named the fastest growing company in South Carolina for 2018 by SC Biz News and its Roaring Twenties awards. Headquartered here, Southern Current operates in 10 states and is a market leader with nearly $450 million in investments for 500 MW to date. In the past year, Southern Current’s team has doubled in size to nearly 100 members.

Twenty large companies and 20 small companies gathered last night at an event in Columbia to recognize the finalists at the Roaring Twenties presentation. This honor recognizes the state’s fastest-growing companies based on both dollar and percentage increases in revenue from 2016-2017.

“We are honored to be named the fastest growing company in South Carolina, a state with such a robust collection of organizations,” said Jon Downey, President and CEO. “As our team and our footprint grow across the country, we remain fully committed to our home state and helping make it an even better place to live and work.”

In order to qualify for the Roaring Twenties designation, companies must have a physical presence in South Carolina and be a for-profit entity or a unique, non governmental nonprofit organization.

Company size was determined by gross revenue and percentage growth, year over year. Southern Current was selected as the fastest growing among all 20 finalists.

# # #

About Southern Current: Founded in 2016 with the merger of Sustainable Energy Solutions and Solbridge Energy, the company creates solar energy infrastructure in 10 states. The company focuses on large-scale, commercial and residential solar development and deployment. To date, Southern Current has invested $450 million in 500 MW to date, with $2 billion additional investment committed.

fastest growing

One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In SC

Southern Current has been named one of the 40 fastest-growing companies in South Carolina for 2018 by SC Biz News.

Twenty large companies and twenty small companies have been named to the statewide Roaring Twenties list presented annually by SC Biz News. This honor recognizes the state’s fastest-growing companies based on both dollar and percentage increases in revenue from 2016-2017.

In order to qualify for the Roaring Twenties designation, companies must have a physical presence in South Carolina and be a for-profit entity or a nonprofit organization (EXCEPT FOR: government entities and charitable organizations, including 501(c)3 organizations.  These types of nonprofits are not eligible).

Company size was determined by gross revenue: A small company was considered as having $10 million and under in revenue. Large companies were classified as having over $10 million in revenue. Small companies must have had revenues of at least $500,000 each year for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Profiles of the winning companies will be published in the winter issue of SCBIZ magazine. The winners will be honored at an event on Oct. 25 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Columbia.

The winners and their locations, in alphabetical order, are:

Large Companies Location
A3 Communications Irmo
Advantage|ForbesBooks Charleston
Atlantic Electric, LLC North Charleston
Blackbaud Charleston
Creative Builders, Inc. Greenville
Crescent Homes Charleston
Diesel Laptops Gilbert
Human Technologies, Inc. Greenville
IVS Ladson
JEAR Logistics Mt. Pleasant
Knight’s Companies Summerville
Langston Construction Company Piedmont
MAU Workforce Solutions Greer
Novus Architects Mt. Pleasant
Quality Business Solutions, Inc. Travelers Rest
Scout Boats Summerville
Sea Pro Boats Whitmire
Southern Current Charleston
The Sefa Group Lexington
THS Constructors, Inc. Greenville

About Southern Current

Southern Current, based in Charleston, SC, is a leading developer and installer in the utility-scale, commercial and residential solar markets with hundreds of systems currently providing power to customers across the Southeastern United States and expanding nationwide. Our integrated platform includes Project Development, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations & Maintenance, Finance and Asset Management.

Southern Current is proud to be one of the largest growing companies in South Carolina. Thanks to the numerous Solar Rebates & Incentives that are currently available, there’s never been a more affordable time to create your own energy! View the Southern Current Solar Panel Installation Portfolio to see projects we’ve completed in your area, or Contact Us to request information about a solar panel installation for your home or business and see how much you can save with solar.



solar installation company

The Ultimate Guide: How To Choose A Solar Installation Company

The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose A Solar Installation Company


There are several solar panel installation companies in the market. Finding the right one for you can be the most difficult decision in the process. If you read this guide from start to finish, you’ll know the best ways to choose a home solar panel installation company that is dependable and experienced in the solar market.

As solar is gaining momentum in South Carolina, it is important to choose a dependable company that is here to stay. Customer protection is a high priority of ours and we want to make sure our customers are finding the right solar installation company for their specific needs.

Below is a list of what to look for in your home solar panel installation company:


Solar Experience & Reputation:

Find out their background in solar

Experience is crucial in the solar industry. Each and every state have their own rules and regulations. It is important your solar installation company follows them correctly. Some solar companies are not turn-key which means they are not doing the entire process themselves. It is important to make sure the company is transparent about this information. If everyone is on the same page from the beginning of installation to the customer support after the installation, it makes for a better solar experience.

Read Reviews

Read the solar panel installation company’s reviews. This is the best way to obtain honest feedback from customers. Another way is to ask your solar specialist for references and testimonials. A good solar installation company will be able to direct you to happy customers willing to share their experience. Reviews can also provide an insight to the company’s dedication, customer service, and experience. For solar installations, the best website to reference is because customers must have had a solar installation by the company before you can leave a review.

Know who is working on your installation

It is important to know who is working on your home solar installation. The experience of the install can be almost just as important as the production of your panels. You want installers that are certified, skilled, and professional working in your house and on your system.

Compare apples to apples

Every company includes different figures on their quotes. Make sure you are comparing ‘apples to apples’. If you have trouble understanding something on your quote, be sure to reach out to your solar professional to have them explain in detail. One item to pay particular attention to is the percent of offset and how it is being calculated.

Questions to ask:

  • How long have you been installing in your state?
  • Are the installers that will be working on my project direct employees of your company?
  • Are you a member of solar trade organizations such as SEIA or SC Solar Council?
  • Is the “% of offset” projection based on my current annual usage or how will you estimate future changes in use?
  • What are your solar review ratings and can you provide vetted 3rd party testimonials ?
  • Has your company registered with ORS? (utility regulation)

Quality Control:

Better Business Bureau

BBB otherwise known as the Better Business Bureau sets standards for ethical business practices.

  • BBB sets standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance. Almost 400,000 Accredited Businesses meet and commit to our high standards.
  • BBB helps consumers identify trustworthy businesses, and those that aren’t, through more than 4 million BBB Business Reviews.
  • BBB sets standards for and evaluates thousands of advertisements each year to ensure that people can trust what advertisers say.
  • BBB sets standards for and evaluates the practices of thousands of charities so that donors know where their money is going.
  • BBB coaches businesses on ethical behavior and how to build stronger, more trusting relationships with their customers.
NABCEP certifications

NABCEP is the quality control standard for solar. These certifications obtained by solar installation professionals hold them to the highest standard in the industry.

NABCEP’s goal is to develop voluntary national credentialing programs that will:

  • Promote renewable energy
  • Provide value to practitioners
  • Promote worker safety and skill
  • Promote consumer confidence

This piece of the puzzle is critical to choosing a solar company. Depending on the type of software they are using, or lack thereof, will determine the size of the system along with, factors that might change your production. These factors may include: tree shading, architectural shading, and accurate environmental, product, and site specifics.  

Questions to ask:

  • What is your BBB rating?
  • How many NABCEP certified employees do you have at your company?
  • What software do you use to estimate the production of my solar system?


Solar permits, warranties, and insurance:


Check the warranties to see if they are through the manufacturer or through your solar installation company. There is more than just one item that makes up your solar panel system, so ask for the warranties on each item. Take the time to look into the warranties and make sure to fully understand them. Workmanship warranties are specific to the designing and constructing of the solar panel system. These solar warranties typically range from 1-10 years.

Solar Permits

Solar requires electrical and building permits that come from your local jurisdiction. Essentially anyone who owns your property parcel (county, city or town).

Interconnection Application

Application to seek permission for your solar system to be connected to the grid- submitted to the utility.


Business licenses to operate in each town – something the solar company has to obtain. In order to submit permits the solar company must have electrical and general contractors license.


In order to move forward with the solar installation companies should ask the customer for proof of homeowners insurance. The solar installation company should carry an insurance policy as well, this is an important question to ask if in the rare case, there are any damages.

Questions to ask:

  • Do you handle neighborhood permits and utility requirements along with associated fees?
  • What sort of workmanship warranty do you provide and who covers potential damages resulting from installation?
  • What type and amount of insurance policy do you carry?


Is your solar solar installation company here to stay?

The biggest question a customer should ask is if their company is here to stay. Many of the large national companies will come try to steal their share of the market and leave once they obtain their share of the market. Make sure you are going to have a company that will be in business as long as your solar panels!


Learn more from our sources:

843.277.2090 1519 King Street Charleston, SC 29405


About Southern Current

Headquartered in Charleston, SC, Southern Current is a leading developer and solar installation company in the residential, commercial and utility-scale markets with hundreds of systems currently providing clean power to customers across the Southeastern US. Our integrated platform includes Project Development, Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Finance and Asset Management.

South Carolina Solar Farms

A new cash crop is growing in South Carolina! In addition to rooftops across the state being covered with solar panels, landowners are designating portions of their properties to be blanketed with solar on the ground.

Request a FREE analysis of how much money you could save with solar power at your location!

Here are some of the BIGGEST solar farms in South Carolina

Credit: Commercial Property Executive

Solvay Energy Center

Jasper County, South Carolina

71.4 MW

Announced in April 2017, the Solvay Energy Center is a nearly 900-acre solar farm located in Jasper County. Expected to be completed before the end of 2017, this 71.4 MW project is scheduled to generate clean, renewable energy under a lease agreement with Dominion.


Credit: Jeremy Anderson/YouTube

Lexington County Solar Farm Project

3 Locations in Lexington County, South Carolina

30 MW Total

Southern Current developed these projects jointly with Cypress Creek Renewables providing services to identify, acquire, permit, and coordinate the completion of 3 solar farm projects located in Lexington County, each totaling approximately 10 MW in size. Located off Old Charleston Road in Pelion, the $30 million project provides energy to 6,000 customers.


Saluda Solar Farm

Saluda County, South Carolina

6.8 MW

Saluda is the largest solar farm in South Carolina on SCE&G’s power grid. Owned by Cypress Creek Renewables and co-developed by Southern Current in Charleston, the 6.8-megawatt Saluda Solar Farm uses 31,000 solar panels and can produce enough energy for 1,400 homes.

Other Notable Solar Farms In South Carolina

Currently under development, Southern Current is working on over 60 MWac worth of solar farms throughout the state!

20 MWac Cameron Solar II in Cameron, South Carolina

20 MWac Estill Solar II in Estill, South Carolina

20 MWac Hampton Solar II in Hampton, South Carolina


Furman University Solar Farm

743 kW

Greenville County, South Carolina

Nearly 3,000 solar panels make up the largest solar farm installation on a college campus in South Carolina. Furman University had the project installed in May 2017 to help them reduce power costs as part of their pledge to be carbon neutral. The system can produce as much as 15% of the college’s electricity requirements, according to university spokesman Jeff Redderson, and is expected to pay for itself in energy savings in 8 years.


Credit: South Carolina Solar Council

Jerry Zucker Solar Park

North Charleston, South Carolina

500 kW

SCE&G unveiled the first utility-scale solar facility under South Carolina’s Distributed Energy Resource Program Act in a ribbon-cutting ceremony January 21, 2016. The project uses over 2,000 solar modules and will generate over 945 megawatt hours of clean energy each year.


Credit: Gregory Electric

Colleton Solar Farm

3 MW

Walterboro, South Carolina

Spanning over 14 acres with more than 10,000 solar panels, the 3 MW Colleton Solar Farm was one of the earliest solar farms installed in South Carolina. Completed back in 2014, it was at the time the largest solar farm in the state. Since then, thanks to decreasing material costs and rising power costs, sizes of installed solar farms have risen tremendously, now commonly exceeding 20 MW (as indicated in the above examples).

Learn More About Solar Power In South Carolina

Southern Current is proud to be one of the top solar installers in the Southeast, with specialties in Utility-Scale Solar as well as Commercial and Residential. View the Southern Current Solar Panel Installation Portfolio to see projects we’ve completed in your area, or Contact Us to request information about a solar panel installation for your home, business, or property and see how much money you can save with solar.