Switching To Solar In South Carolina

The hardest part of doing something new is taking the first step. So to help you understand how easy it is to save with a solar panel installation on your South Carolina home, below we’ve compiled some reviews from customers who have already made the switch.

South Carolinians Discuss Their Experiences Switching To Solar

“The cost of electricity from SCE&G is high and climbing, which made going solar an easy decision. In the long run, this solar power system will save me thousands of dollars. The environmental impact of burning fossil fuels was also part of our decision. A clean environment is important to us.” – Charleston homeowner Marv N.

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If you are considering solar, do it now while any federal and state incentives are still in place as it makes the entire project more affordable. Make your final decision on the return of investment of 7 – 10 years. Also keep in mind any contractor you work with should be around for the duration of the installation and product’s 10 – 20 year warranty.

Based upon my present experience with Southern Current, I would definitely work with them once again. They were easy to work with, the on-site crew were professional and kept me informed throughout the installation.” – Steve V., Greenville resident

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“It was very easy. After we closed on the house, they came out, took photos, looked around, and went over our options. We decided on the panels, and filled out paperwork. That was on a Friday. The installation crew showed up on Monday, and were finished by Wednesday. Everyone was extremely professional.” – Piedmont resident Laura S.

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Our power bill has been greatly reduced, and we expect to realize even better benefits during spring & summer months when abundant sun levels peak.

I highly recommend doing it, especially before the Federal & State solar incentives expire. Also, it is a tremendous way to do our part to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.” – James Island homeowner Craig B.

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