South Carolina Solar Energy News – May Edition

The following article contains important news about solar & renewable energy in South Carolina and across America from the month of May 2018. Contact the Southeast’s leading solar company Southern Current to learn about saving money by powering your home or business with clean, unlimited solar energy.

May News Solar Energy In South Carolina

Post and Courier: The Sun is Rising on South Carolina’s Advanced Energy Economy

Southern Current helped develop the Soluga III Solar Farm utility scale installation in Clarkton, North Carolina. The project uses thousands of PV solar panels across it’s 80-acre footprint to generate clean, renewable electricity.

In 2017 a new solar project was installed every 84 seconds across America, as more and more home and business owners turned to solar to help them reduce their carbon footprints and energy bills. This means a great opportunity for states like South Carolina to capitalize on new energy technologies to grow the state’s economy

CNBC: 10 massive corporations going big on solar power

This Target retail store in Florence, South Carolina has over 48,968 square feet of solar panels blanketing its roof. The 707 kW solar power system installed by Southern Current instantaneously collects the sun’s energy and distributes it for consumption at this store.

American businesses are investing record amounts in solar, with the top corporate users adding 325 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity last year. And the impact of this corporate solar trend is significant: these solar installations produce enough electricity to power 402,000 U.S. homes and offset 2.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year! Target took the #1 spot by adding over 40 MW of solar to its portfolio in 2017 including a number of rooftops at South Carolina stores (like the one above) installed by Southern Current.

Independent Mail: New Solar Farms Coming To Anderson County

Southern Current plans to lease land from two private landowners for new solar farms to be constructed in Anderson County. One is a $7.6 million 30 acre development near Piedmont. The other is 30 acres near Powdersville for a $2.8 million, 2-megawatt farm. Along with four other farms that are still in the planning stages, these six farms will eventually provide over $77,000 in new tax revenue for Anderson County.

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