Report: South Carolina Monthly Electricity Costs Rank Highest In America

Here’s some unfortunate news for residents of South Carolina just in time for the hot & sticky summer season: A new report from WalletHub comparing at the cost of energy across all U.S. states shows South Carolinians pay the highest monthly electricity costs!

Calculations were made using data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, with South Carolina’s average monthly power bill coming it at a whopping $173 per month.

South Carolina Electricity Costs Highest In U.S.

“Energy costs in America eat between 5 and 22 percent of families’ total after-tax income, and July & August power bills tend to be the highest of the year thanks to a greater emphasis on air conditioning to offset warmer temperatures. South Carolina’s scorching summer heat raises costs for residents compared with the temperate climate in more energy-expensive Northern California, where heating and cooling units stay idle most of the year.”

Other Southeastern states also ranked on the most expensive list, including Alabama (#2 at $168/month), Florida (#4 at $162/month), Mississippi (#5 at $155/month), and Georgia (#8 at $152/month).

Tips for saving money on energy bills

  • Turn off lights when you leave a room and use LED light bulbs
  • Use energy efficient appliances
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Use a smart thermostat and set comfortable temperatures just before you arrive home
  • Install energy efficient windows and insulation to improve you home’s thermal envelope
  • Look for discounts and refunds offered by your local electric utility

Once the above measures have been incorporated, it is also recommended to produce your own energy using renewable sources like wind & solar power.

Individuals interested in going solar in South Carolina have access to solar rebates and incentives which decrease the overall cost of solar power systems. Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas, South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G), Santee Cooper, and other local electric utilities have unique solar rebate & incentive programs which provide additional savings when installing solar power systems. Learn more by reading South Carolina Solar Power Rebates And Incentives.

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