Santee Cooper’s Solar Rebate Program Pays YOU To Install Solar Panels In South Carolina

Santee Cooper is paying South Carolina home and business owners to install solar panels. In fact, Santee Cooper’s updated 2017 solar rebate program, combined with state and federal tax credits for solar installations worth up to 55%, gives South Carolina residents access to one of the best deals in the nation for going solar!

Santee Cooper’s $9,600 Dollar Solar Rebate Program

South Carolina residents in the Santee Cooper service territory can receive up to $9,600 dollars worth of rebates toward the cost of installing solar panels on a home or business! Under their updated Customer Solar Programs, a rebate of $1.60 per watt-AC is available for residential customers in South Carolina who install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their homes. The maximum residential solar installation eligible is a 6 kW system, or a $9,600 dollar solar rebate!

Santee Cooper Businesses Customers Are Eligible For A  Solar Rebate, Too

The rebate is also available for qualified business customers who install systems on their property. This means a small commercial solar installation of 6 kW would be eligible for a rebate of $9,600 dollars as well.

“With good feedback from our customers, we’ve made the programs even better. These new incentives cut in half, approximately, the time it takes the solar investment to pay for itself.” – Santee Cooper President and CEO Lonnie Carter

Thanks to the Santee Cooper solar rebate and other incredible solar incentives available in South Carolina, you may be able to go solar and pay less for power than you currently pay each month! That is, the cost of your new power bill + the monthly solar finance cost could be less than your current power bill! It’s a no-brainer! 

In addition to the Santee Cooper incentive, a 30% federal tax credit and a 25% South Carolina state tax credit are both available. It’s no wonder South Carolina is a hot bed for solar panel installations!

Want more information?

Speak with a Southern Current solar representative for details. Click here to request a free consultation about going solar in South Carolina to learn how much lower your power bill could be. Don’t wait! The Santee Cooper solar rebate is available on a limited basis and will run out!

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