Report: Solar Industry Employment Grew By 25% In 2016

The Solar Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that exists to increase understanding of solar energy through market research. The folks at the Foundation release an annual report which tracks employment trends of the solar industry, and their latest report looking at 2016 was just released.

Great News! Solar Industry Employment Showed STRONG Growth In 2016!

The latest report found that 260,077 solar workers were employed by the industry in 2016, increasing by 51,000 workers from 2015, or 25% growth!

  • Other findings from the latest solar jobs report:
    • 1 in 50 new US jobs were in the solar industry in 2016!
    • Solar industry employment has nearly tripled since 2010!
    • Over the next 12 months, employers surveyed expect to see employment increase by 10% to 286,335 solar workers!
    • More people are employed by the solar industry than the number of workers at Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook combined!
    • Solar employment growth accounted for over 16% of all electric power generation and fuels employment growth over the course of 2016.
    • Furthermore, solar employment growth was larger than employment growth in oil, natural gas, and coal combined!
    • There are more than double the amount of employees in the solar industry than in the coal industry, and just as many as in the natural gas industry!

Video: Solar Jobs Census 2016

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Invest In A Clean Energy Future & American Jobs

As you can see from above, an investment in a solar power system at your home or business has a number of benefits. Going solar means you’ll help your wallet (save money on energy costs), help the environment (by using green energy), and support over 260,000 hardworking Americans employed by this INCREDIBLE clean energy sector!