South Carolina Solar Energy Facts

South Carolina solar energy installations are expected to grow strong in 2018 thanks to rising power costs and growing demand from home and business owners across the Southeast. Scroll down to read up on the latest South Carolina solar energy facts. South Carolina Solar Facts There are currently more than 69 solar companies at work…

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The Cost Of Going Solar In South Carolina

Looking for an answer to how much does it cost to go solar in South Carolina? Charleston-based Southern Current is proud to be a leading solar installer in the state, with services available throughout the southeast. Contact Us to receive a cost estimate for installing solar at your location. Here’s what you need to know…

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Switching To Solar In South Carolina

The hardest part of doing something new is taking the first step. So to help you understand how easy it is to save with a solar panel installation on your South Carolina home, below we’ve compiled some reviews from customers who have already made the switch. South Carolinians Discuss Their Experiences Switching To Solar “The…

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South Carolina Solar Energy News – April Edition

The following article contains important news about solar & renewable energy in South Carolina and across America from the month of April 2018. Contact the Southeast’s leading solar company Southern Current to learn about saving money by powering your home or business with clean, unlimited solar energy. April News Solar Energy In South Carolina Post and Courier: South Carolina…

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Top Solar Energy Myths Debunked

Solar energy is a truly viable source for clean power and is already in use by over 1 million homeowners across America. This article is designed to clear up some common solar energy myths, misconceptions and misinformation you might’ve heard about collecting free energy from the sun and powering your home or business with solar…

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