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Report: Solar Industry Employment Grew By 25% In 2016

The Solar Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that exists to increase understanding of solar energy through market research. The folks at the Foundation release an annual report which tracks employment trends of the solar industry, and their latest report looking at 2016 was just released.

Great News! Solar Industry Employment Showed STRONG Growth In 2016!

The latest report found that 260,077 solar workers were employed by the industry in 2016, increasing by 51,000 workers from 2015, or 25% growth!

  • Other findings from the latest solar jobs report:
    • 1 in 50 new US jobs were in the solar industry in 2016!
    • Solar industry employment has nearly tripled since 2010!
    • Over the next 12 months, employers surveyed expect to see employment increase by 10% to 286,335 solar workers!
    • More people are employed by the solar industry than the number of workers at Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook combined!
    • Solar employment growth accounted for over 16% of all electric power generation and fuels employment growth over the course of 2016.
    • Furthermore, solar employment growth was larger than employment growth in oil, natural gas, and coal combined!
    • There are more than double the amount of employees in the solar industry than in the coal industry, and just as many as in the natural gas industry!

Video: Solar Jobs Census 2016

Southern Current Expects To Hire New Solar Workers In 2017

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Invest In A Clean Energy Future & American Jobs

As you can see from above, an investment in a solar power system at your home or business has a number of benefits. Going solar means you’ll help your wallet (save money on energy costs), help the environment (by using green energy), and support over 260,000 hardworking Americans employed by this INCREDIBLE clean energy sector!

Primed For Savings: How Amazon Is Going Big With Solar And Wind Power

We’ve previously reported about the huge amounts of renewable power being used by large corporations across America, including AppleWalmart, and Target, and today we’d like to turn the attention to pledges made by a prominent online retailer and cloud computing company: Amazon.

Founded in 1994 as an online bookstore, Amazon has grown tremendously to become the largest Internet-based retailer in the world. Unfortunately, so too have their energy appetite and electricity bills, so Amazon is making some BIG energy moves to save even BIGGER amounts of money!

Here’s What Amazon Can Teach You About Solar Power

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of the parent company, Amazon Inc., and is primarily involved in the business side of things related to “the cloud,” like data storage and content delivery (think processing power to deliver all of those Amazon Kindle downloads, etc.).

According to the AWS website, the company has a long-term commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy usage for its global infrastructure footprint, including a goal of being powered by 50% renewable energy by the end of 2017.

As of April 2015, the latest data available from their website, approximately 25% of the power consumed by the AWS global infrastructure comes from renewable energy sources. Current and future renewable energy projects include:

Amazon Wind Farms – US Central

Expected to launch in May 2017, the Amazon Wind Farm US Central-1 is a 100 megawatt wind farm under construction in Paulding County, Ohio. Once completed, it will be large enough to power the equivalent of over 29,000 US homes in a year.

Amazon Wind Farm US Central-2 is a 189 megawatt wind farm in Hardin County, Ohio that will have the capacity to generate as much energy used by 53,000 US homes in a year.

Amazon Wind Farm – US East

Amazon Wind Farm US East is a 208 megawatt wind farm. When completed, it will be the first utility-scale wind farm in the state of North Carolina and will produce the equivalent energy used by more than 61,000 US homes in a year.

Amazon Wind Farm – Fowler Ridge

Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge is a 150 megawatt wind farm in Benton County, Indiana with the capacity to generate as much energy used by 46,000 US homes in a year.

Amazon Solar Farm – US East

Amazon currently uses an 80 megawatt solar farm that operates in Accomack County, Virginia. Comprised across roughly 1,000 acres, Amazon’s US East Solar Farm can generate approximately 170,000 megawatt hours of solar power annually, or enough to power 15,000 US homes in a year.

In November 2016, Amazon announced it would develop five additional solar farms with a total capacity of 120 megawatts. The new projects include four 20 MW solar farms and a 100 MW facility, all to be located in Virginia.

These new solar farms are expected to start generating by the end of 2017, with the capacity for over 400,000 megawatt hours of solar power annually, the equivalent to power over 36,000 US homes in a year.

The Takeaway On Amazon’s Commitment To Clean Energy

In total, these ten renewable energy projects will deliver approximately 2.6 million megawatt hours (MWh) of energy annually. 1 megawatt hour is equivalent to 1,000 kilowatt hours (kWh).

*Assuming a retail rate of $0.10/kWh, Amazon’s wind and solar installations have the ability to produce $260 million dollars* worth of electricity each year!

When they reach their 100% renewables goal in future years to come, they will be saving over half a BILLION dollars* on energy costs, and doing so in a manner that produces ZERO carbon emissions!

Decrease Costs, Increase Profits

While it may seem extraordinary that Amazon is going to such measures, remember that they, like many other businesses, are motivated to cut costs in attempt to increase profits.

Since their products are largely digital (there is no physical shipment or transfer of a book when you purchase a digital download for your Kindle), they have very little ability to find a cheaper substitute.

But when it comes to operational costs, specifically energy, they have a tremendous opportunity for savings by producing their own energy and/or procuring it from solar panels and wind turbines.

Learn How To Save Money With Solar Power In South Carolina

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Happy Solar Homeowners Across South Carolina

The below customer reviews were all originally posted on, a website dedicated to informing consumers about the performance of local solar installers, and to promoting positive experiences in solar as we move toward a zero-footprint future.

Homeowners Going Solar In South Carolina With Southern Current

“I had researched for over a year and had quotes from 3 different companies when I decided to pull the trigger. All 3 were well reviewed, but in the end the quality of the panels, racking system and inverter were just a superior product. On top of that the installed price per watt was around 15% less than other bids. From sales, to planning, to installation; everyone was a real pleasure to work with, kept me well informed throughout the process and were quick to respond to any questions I had. Just a terrific experience. I am 6 months in and am beyond happy with my system!”

“The installers were very courteous, professional and obviously experts in what they do. Within a two day period they worked through the rain and cold to get my system up and running. They cleaned up everything and double checked for leaks and functionality. My wife and I were both very pleased with their attention to detail and kindness. I know I asked a million questions and they answered them all with a smile. “

“It was truly a pleasant experience and am recommending them to everyone I know. I took a bunch of pictures of the progress if anyone wants a copy I will send them gladly. The booklet they gave me with all the information on tax credits and the environmental benefits of going solar was very informative and I enjoyed seeing how my usage will be impacted once my system is online. I am so happy things worked out as well as they did, they have my full support.”

We had a great experience with Southern Current. They provided several references, who all were pleased with the work they did and the return on their electric bill, so we hired them with confidence and were not disappointed. Honest folks who do good work and keep promises.”

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These customer reviews are just a few of the many, many great things homeowners are saying about going solar in South Carolina and saving a boatload of money (and the environment) with Southern Current.

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