Anderson County

New Solar Farms Coming To Anderson County

On Tuesday night the Anderson County Council gave preliminary approval on the construction of two new solar farms to be built in the northern part of the county.

Southern Current, a Charleston-based solar company, plans to lease land from two private landowners for the farms. One is 30 acres near Piedmont, for a $7.6 million solar farm, the other is about 30 acres on Durham Road near the unincorporated Powdersville community, for a $2.8 million, 2-megawatt farm.

Along with four smaller farms in the planning stages, these six six farms will eventually provide significant tax income for the county. The properties, involving 136 acres ranging from 10 to 30 acres, are expected to bring in $77,306 for the county.

“The solar farms provide increased revenue to the county, involve the preservation of green space, and in some cases enable families to keep and use land that has long been in the family.” – Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns

Nationwide, solar farms are replacing cropland that doesn’t generate enough income from traditional farming. Landowners can earn $400-600 per acre per year by leasing the land to a solar company, according to Southern Current’s Bret Sowers.

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