Duke’s Net Metering Program Reopens For A Limited Time

From now until March 15th 2019, Duke’s net metering program is open!

Duke Reopens Net Metering Program

Duke Energy agreed to reopen the recently closed net metering program for renewable energy.  The net metering program, gives solar customers credit for every kilowatt at the same rate they pay from the electricity company. This one-to-one ratio makes solar energy competitive in the marketplace and gives customers a great ROI on their solar system.

Quote from Southern Current’s Director of Regulatory Affairs

“The (extension) speaks to the fact that we have a constructive dialogue underway,” says Hamilton Davis, director of regulatory affairs for Southern Current. “This is a temporary fix, but the hope is we can have legislation we can propose together early in 2019.”


Duke net metering


What is Duke’s Net Metering Program?

Duke’s net metering program allows customers who generate electricity from their own solar panel system to offset their energy costs. Net metering participants receive bill credit from Duke Energy for the excess energy generated by their solar panel system.

Going Solar Now!

If you are thinking about going solar, the time to go is NOW. Duke’s net metering program will to remain until mid-March. However, South Carolina Electric & Gas is approaching their net metering cap as well. Be sure to capitalize on your solar investment as soon as possible. South Carolina has the highest electricity bills in the United States and solar can help reduce or eliminate your electric bills. Southern Current was named South Carolinas #1 Solar provider by Solar Power World and Charleston’s Choice – Best Solar Panel Company for 2 years running.

About Southern Current

Producing your own energy with solar offers a lifetime of rewards including lower power bills, higher property value, and numerous environmental benefits. Southern Current is proud to be one of South Carolina’s leading solar installers, with residentialcommercial, and utility-scale solar services available across the Southeast. Contact Us to find out how much you could be saving with a solar project at your location!


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