Customer Review: Charleston Solar Homeowners Rate Southern Current

The following interview was conducted with Brenda and Gary S., Southern Current residential solar customers who live in Charleston, South Carolina. Find out how much money you could be saving on electricity costs by contacting Southern Current today!

Please tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We retired in Charleston in 2009.

Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

We didn’t switch, but rather added solar panels to reduce power bills.

How much did you know about solar energy?

We have been looking into solar for several years. We’ve been interested in energy efficient homes since building a geodesic dome in 1983.

What kind of system did Southern Current install for your home?

We have 37 panels, LG 360w NEON, a 13.23 kW system, roof mounted with compatible inverter.


View of solar panel installation in Charleston, South Carolina by Southern Current.


Detail of solar panel roof atop a house in Charleston.

What made you choose Southern Current for your solar installation?

We looked up several companies and compared them against one another including getting cost estimates from different companies during the past year. We liked most what we saw about Southern Current.

What was the process of going solar like?

Do your research, compare different companies and systems, decide what you want, get a price, choose a company to install, pay the money, wait, get installation…begin saving money!

What was the most difficult part of the solar process?

Waiting for all the approvals, certificates, inspections and the actual installation process. Once we made up our minds to do it we were excited and ready to roll with it.

What benefits have you seen since the installation?

In August we saved $243.62 and it was a month with many stormy, overcast and cloudy days! We generated 1539 kwh for the month.

We have a computer program that shows us how much we are generating and using and it appears that we will reach or exceed our estimated production. We have a big house, over 4,100 square feet, we have a pool and lots of guests so our power bills have been big.

What would you say to someone who is interested in going solar?

Where else can you make an investment that you will recover 55% on your income taxes and have that investment begin to pay you back at a rate that far exceeds any interest you could earn on that money? Our projected savings is 63% of our power bills and if that turns out to be true we will in essence be earning better than 10% on the money we spent. That’s better than any bank!

Want to learn more about solar power in South Carolina?

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