Coalitions Speak Out Against Solar Power ‘Death Wish’

Southern Current is against tariffs on solar imports, and you should be too. As we previously wrote in September, the bail-out of these two foreign owned solar manufacturers (who have already declared bankruptcy) would would do more harm than good, resulting in higher costs to the consumer and as many as 80,000 job cuts from domestic manufacturers, while benefiting only a select group of investors.

Most solar companies and utilities oppose these tariffs because they would kill sales and installation jobs and stifle the booming development of America’s solar energy sector.

Below are some quotes and news snippets on this very important topic that we have compiled from around the web:

“Two foreign failed solar companies – one owned by offshore hedge funds the other backed by a foreign royal family – are attempting to manipulate our trade laws by asking President Trump to increase the cost of solar panels by a government mandate. Taxpayers should not have to bail-out one foreign-owned company only for their foreign financiers to get another payout.” -Fox News Host Sean Hannity

“They failed to create a business model that’s competitive in the United States, they’ve gone bankrupt, and now what they want to do is add an artificial cost to an industry that’s working just fine.” –North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis

“The more I read about this, the more outrageous it sounds. There are two foreign-owned companies who are pushing to greatly increase the tariffs on these key solar panels that would really cripple the solar industry in America.” –Syndicated Radio Host Michael Medved

“These two companies, they’re the only ones filing this claim. The entire rest of the solar industry is against them, saying that if you increase the price of these panels, you’re going to crush demand, it’ll threaten jobs throughout the entire industry. There are a lot of U.S. manufacturing jobs at risk here.” –Syndicated Radio Host Mike Gallagher

“Make no mistake: Tariffs would directly harm U.S. national security and needlessly put the lives of American troops at risk.” –Retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general Norman R. Seip

Southern Current is a member of the Energy Trade Action Coalition, a large, bipartisan group that includes solar companies, utilities, members of Congress, governors, and leading think-tanks.

Join us in fighting together to protect the 370,000+ Americans who work in solar by contacting the Trump Administration and voicing your opposition to solar tariffs.