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As many of you know, Southern Current has been servicing the entire state of South Carolina since the company started over 10 years ago. What you may not know is that our Greenville location opened about  2 years ago as we saw a growing need to expand our local residential and commercial service in the upstate. Justin Parrish is Southern Current’s Business Development Manager for this area: 

“I met my wife in Charleston and we moved to Greenville about 4 years ago. We love that it’s in the foothills and you can get to Asheville in an hour,” Justin says, “Greenville is a great area because it’s been a growing city for a while. It’s smaller but has tons of amenities for young people – breweries, restaurants, and farmers markets – it’s the best of both worlds for a more localized life.” 


Drone aerial of the downtown Greenville South Carolina SC skyline at sunrise.
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Because Greenville is the manufacturing hub of the southeast, a lot of businesses come through and the new infrastructure attracts a strong middle class. Southern Current believes in the value of servicing our customers in that area with the same quality and attention as anywhere else in the state. 

On a macro level, Southern Current is one of the founders of the solar industry in South Carolina and even the entire southeast. For over a decade, we have had the most influence on creating the solar market that current exists. We have an entire team dedicated to ensuring that this market has attractive legislation and incentives so customers can justify solar. We are driving economic development, wages and tax revenues in a way that nobody else is within the community on a level that nobody else can.



Particularly in the Greenville market, consumers tend to fall for the  “more for less” companies when it comes to solar, but there is no other company that compares to Southern Current.  We are part of the South Carolina Solar Council and South Carolina Solar Business Alliance. Our team is taking progressive strides in all areas of solar, not just installation. “If it weren’t for this kind of movement, the solar industry in our area would not be what it is today”.  Justin explains, “We have been the backbone of progressive solar legislation in SC, particularly for residential customers.”   

At Southern Current, we do not subcontract labor or any aspect of solar installation from start to finish. With now over 110 employees, our team has doubled in the last two years. Our diversity is what allows us to service our customers on a sustainable and expansive level. This all guarantees that we will be here long term because of the moves that we make in all areas from utility scale, commercial and residential. 


One of our commercial projects at the Greenville Target


Nobody is even a close second as to how we manuever as a company. “We are the highest quality installer that exists and always will be,” Justin says, “There is no one else in the same realm as to what we do and have done.”

Greenville solar customers can find the best of both worlds by supporting a local company that also has a big footprint on the industry at large with Southern Current. Our #SoCuSolarArmy trusts us because we offer quality control and believe in empowering our customers through education. 

The Southern Current Greenville office is located near Paris Mountain at 1808 Rutherford Road, on the industrial side surrounded by the railroads and port authority.

As with every county in South Carolina, Greenville solar clients can take advantage of the 25% tax credit and 30% federal tax incentive, but not forever! Make sure to contact us for a consultation if you’ve been considering solar. 


Duke’s Net Metering Program Reopens For A Limited Time

From now until March 15th 2019, Duke’s net metering program is open!

Duke Reopens Net Metering Program

Duke Energy agreed to reopen the recently closed net metering program for renewable energy.  The net metering program, gives solar customers credit for every kilowatt at the same rate they pay from the electricity company. This one-to-one ratio makes solar energy competitive in the marketplace and gives customers a great ROI on their solar system.

Quote from Southern Current’s Director of Regulatory Affairs

“The (extension) speaks to the fact that we have a constructive dialogue underway,” says Hamilton Davis, director of regulatory affairs for Southern Current. “This is a temporary fix, but the hope is we can have legislation we can propose together early in 2019.”


Duke net metering


What is Duke’s Net Metering Program?

Duke’s net metering program allows customers who generate electricity from their own solar panel system to offset their energy costs. Net metering participants receive bill credit from Duke Energy for the excess energy generated by their solar panel system.

Going Solar Now!

If you are thinking about going solar, the time to go is NOW. Duke’s net metering program will to remain until mid-March. However, South Carolina Electric & Gas is approaching their net metering cap as well. Be sure to capitalize on your solar investment as soon as possible. South Carolina has the highest electricity bills in the United States and solar can help reduce or eliminate your electric bills. Southern Current was named South Carolinas #1 Solar provider by Solar Power World and Charleston’s Choice – Best Solar Panel Company for 2 years running.

About Southern Current

Producing your own energy with solar offers a lifetime of rewards including lower power bills, higher property value, and numerous environmental benefits. Southern Current is proud to be one of South Carolina’s leading solar installers, with residentialcommercial, and utility-scale solar services available across the Southeast. Contact Us to find out how much you could be saving with a solar project at your location!


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South Carolina Solar Energy News – May Edition

The following article contains important news about solar & renewable energy in South Carolina and across America from the month of May 2018. Contact the Southeast’s leading solar company Southern Current to learn about saving money by powering your home or business with clean, unlimited solar energy.

May News Solar Energy In South Carolina

Post and Courier: The Sun is Rising on South Carolina’s Advanced Energy Economy

Southern Current helped develop the Soluga III Solar Farm utility scale installation in Clarkton, North Carolina. The project uses thousands of PV solar panels across it’s 80-acre footprint to generate clean, renewable electricity.

In 2017 a new solar project was installed every 84 seconds across America, as more and more home and business owners turned to solar to help them reduce their carbon footprints and energy bills. This means a great opportunity for states like South Carolina to capitalize on new energy technologies to grow the state’s economy

CNBC: 10 massive corporations going big on solar power

This Target retail store in Florence, South Carolina has over 48,968 square feet of solar panels blanketing its roof. The 707 kW solar power system installed by Southern Current instantaneously collects the sun’s energy and distributes it for consumption at this store.

American businesses are investing record amounts in solar, with the top corporate users adding 325 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity last year. And the impact of this corporate solar trend is significant: these solar installations produce enough electricity to power 402,000 U.S. homes and offset 2.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year! Target took the #1 spot by adding over 40 MW of solar to its portfolio in 2017 including a number of rooftops at South Carolina stores (like the one above) installed by Southern Current.

Independent Mail: New Solar Farms Coming To Anderson County

Southern Current plans to lease land from two private landowners for new solar farms to be constructed in Anderson County. One is a $7.6 million 30 acre development near Piedmont. The other is 30 acres near Powdersville for a $2.8 million, 2-megawatt farm. Along with four other farms that are still in the planning stages, these six farms will eventually provide over $77,000 in new tax revenue for Anderson County.

Learn More About Solar Energy In South Carolina

Southern Current is proud to be one of the top Solar Installers in the Southeast, with specialties in residential solar for homes, commercial solar for businesses, and utility-scale solar farms for property owners and utilities. Schedule a solar consultation today to receive a free analysis of how much money you could be saving with a solar panel installation! Don’t wait – Summer power bills are coming soon!


South Carolina Solar Energy Facts

South Carolina solar energy installations are expected to grow strong in 2018 thanks to rising power costs and growing demand from home and business owners across the Southeast. Scroll down to read up on the latest South Carolina solar energy facts.

South Carolina Solar Facts

There are currently more than 69 solar companies at work throughout the value chain in South Carolina, employing 2,829 people

The state of South Carolina solar tax credit offers a 25% tax credit for home and business owners who go solar.

The 510.5 MW of solar energy currently installed in South Carolina ranks the state 18th in the country in installed solar capacity.  There is enough solar energy installed in the state to power 5,500 homes.

More than $766.81 million has been invested in solar power in South Carolina

Several large retailers in South Carolina have gone solar. Boeing has installed one of the largest corporate photovoltaic systems in the state with 2.6 MW of solar capacity at their location in North Charleston.

Clemson University’s local Target store now has over 2,000 solar panels on its roof thanks to an installation by Southern Current.











Retail company Target has 425 solar installs on company roofs across America including a number of store locations in South Carolina.

Click to learn about Target’s commercial solar panel install in Anderson.

Benefits of more solar energy in South Carolina

  • Saving money on your electric bill
  • Enjoying reliable, clean power for 25 to 30 years
  • Helping to boost the state’s economy by creating jobs and new solar companies

Solar energy in South Carolina generates clean, renewable energy. Unlike fossil fuels, there are no carbon emissions or other dangerous pollutants from solar. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average American home emits approximately 10.97 metric tons of CO2 per year due to energy usage.

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South Carolina Solar Installations Map











Click to view nearby home solar panel installations in South Carolina!

Learn More About Solar Power In South Carolina

Southern Current is proud to be one of the top Solar Installers in the Southeast, with specialties in residential solar for homes, commercial solar for businesses, and utility-scale solar farms for property owners and utilities. Schedule a solar consultation today to receive a free analysis of how much money you could be saving with a solar! Don’t wait – Summer power bills are coming soon!

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The Cost Of Going Solar In South Carolina

Looking for an answer to how much does it cost to go solar in South Carolina? Charleston-based Southern Current is proud to be a leading solar installer in the state, with services available throughout the southeast. Contact Us to receive a cost estimate for installing solar at your location.

Here’s what you need to know about the price of solar panel systems in the Palmetto State.

Understanding The Price For A Solar Power Install In South Carolina

For most homeowners in South Carolina, the average solar panel installation will pay for itself in 7 years. That is to say that the length of time it takes for a solar install to produce energy equal to the financial equivalent of how much it costs to install is about 7 years. Payback period is also referred to as return on investment (ROI).

How did we get to the 7 year ROI figure for a home solar install? Our calculations are below.

A standard roof-mounted 8 kW solar energy system will produce approximately $1,594 dollars in energy each year. This assumes a $0.14/kWh value based on costs from SCE&G.

Average Cost Of Going Solar In South Carolina

Using a cost of $3.25/watt we have a gross cost of $26,000 for an 8 kW solar install.

A 30% Federal tax credit is available for solar installs until the end of 2019. 30% of $26,000 equals $7,800, and we can deduct this from the gross cost since the tax credit is money you receive from the federal government on your income taxes. $26,000 – $7,800 = $19,600

A 25% South Carolina tax credit is also available for solar installs. 25% of $26,000 is $6,500 dollars. And just like the Federal tax credit, we can deduct the SC solar tax credit from our gross cost. $26,000 – $7,800 – $6,500 = $11,700

So your net cost for an 8 kW solar system in South Carolina, that is the cost after federal and state tax credits, is just $11,700 dollars.

And as we said before, the financial value of the energy produced by an 8 kW solar panel system in 1 year is equal to approximately $1,594 dollars.

$11,700 dollars net cost / $1,594 dollars worth of energy produced each year = 7.34 years, or 7 years and 4 months until the solar panel installation pays for itself.

Final Notes On South Carolina Solar Costs

A solar panel system can be designed to offset 100% of your annual electricity costs. Instead of paying the local utility for power, you can generate your own electricity from solar panels. Going solar allows you to be energy independent and save money. The above example for an 8 kW solar panel install is an average system, but you may need more or less panels depending on your energy usage and habits.


View of Pelzer, South Carolina residential solar project installed by Southern Current.


Financing is available. You might be wondering, “How the heck do people afford to go solar?” Most people don’t have an extra $10 to $20k sitting in a savings account for a rainy day. Instead, the solar industry has gotten creative in designing finance packages that allow homeowners like you to go solar for $0 Down. Use the energy savings from your new solar power system to pay for the project over time, and save money each month.

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Southern Current is proud to be one of the top Solar Installers in the Southeast, with specialties in residential solar for homes, commercial solar for businesses, and utility-scale solar farms for property owners and utilities. Schedule a solar consultation today to receive a free analysis of how much money you could be saving with a solar panel installation! Don’t wait – Summer power bills are coming soon!