South Carolina Solar Energy Facts

South Carolina solar energy installations are expected to grow strong in 2018 thanks to rising power costs and growing demand from home and business owners across the Southeast. Scroll down to read up on the latest South Carolina solar energy facts.

South Carolina Solar Facts

There are currently more than 69 solar companies at work throughout the value chain in South Carolina, employing 2,829 people

The state of South Carolina solar tax credit offers a 25% tax credit for home and business owners who go solar.

The 510.5 MW of solar energy currently installed in South Carolina ranks the state 18th in the country in installed solar capacity.  There is enough solar energy installed in the state to power 5,500 homes.

More than $766.81 million has been invested in solar power in South Carolina

Several large retailers in South Carolina have gone solar. Boeing has installed one of the largest corporate photovoltaic systems in the state with 2.6 MW of solar capacity at their location in North Charleston.

Clemson University’s local Target store now has over 2,000 solar panels on its roof thanks to an installation by Southern Current.











Retail company Target has 425 solar installs on company roofs across America including a number of store locations in South Carolina.

Click to learn about Target’s commercial solar panel install in Anderson.

Benefits of more solar energy in South Carolina

  • Saving money on your electric bill
  • Enjoying reliable, clean power for 25 to 30 years
  • Helping to boost the state’s economy by creating jobs and new solar companies

Solar energy in South Carolina generates clean, renewable energy. Unlike fossil fuels, there are no carbon emissions or other dangerous pollutants from solar. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average American home emits approximately 10.97 metric tons of CO2 per year due to energy usage.

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South Carolina Solar Installations Map











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Learn More About Solar Power In South Carolina

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Southern Current Appoints Jon Downey As Chief Executive Officer

March 26, 2018 CHARLESTON, SC

Southern Current’s Management Committee unanimously votes to appoint Jon Downey as Chief Executive Officer. He will also continue in his current role as President.

Jon Downey was instrumental in both the execution and successful integration of the 2016 merger between Sustainable Energy Solutions and Solbridge Energy which formed Southern Current. He then played a critical role in Southern Currents capital raising efforts first with MMA Capital and then with New Energy Capital. In his role as President, Jon Downey has managed the rapid growth of all sectors of the Company’s business.

“I am extremely proud of what we are building at Southern Current and grateful to the Members for this opportunity and their support,” said Jon Downey.

“We are fortunate to work with an incredible team here at Southern Current, and Jon is a perfect fit to lead the business as President and CEO towards continued success and exciting new opportunities in the future,” said Greg White, a Managing Member and Co-Founder.

“It has been a pleasure working with Jon these past few years. We are excited about the future and the leadership he brings to guide Southern Current into its next stage of growth,” said Paul Fleury, a Managing Member and Co-Founder.

“Jon has been instrumental in building a company that is operationally and financially capable of executing at scale and with consistent quality. Southern Current now has multiple strategic opportunities for growth at a national level and I look forward to supporting Jon in growing our company,” said John J. Pinto, a Managing Member.

“Jon Downey is a proven executive who has earned our respect. I have every confidence that Jon will continue to do an excellent job in leading Southern Current,” said Kent Trowbridge, a Managing Member and Co-Founder.

About Southern Current

Southern Current, based in Charleston, SC, is a leading developer and installer in the utility-scale, commercial and residential solar markets with hundreds of systems currently providing power to customers across the Southeastern United States and expanding nationwide. Our integrated platform includes Project Development, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations & Maintenance, Finance and Asset Management.

Coalitions Speak Out Against Solar Power ‘Death Wish’

Southern Current is against tariffs on solar imports, and you should be too. As we previously wrote in September, the bail-out of these two foreign owned solar manufacturers (who have already declared bankruptcy) would would do more harm than good, resulting in higher costs to the consumer and as many as 80,000 job cuts from domestic manufacturers, while benefiting only a select group of investors.

Most solar companies and utilities oppose these tariffs because they would kill sales and installation jobs and stifle the booming development of America’s solar energy sector.

Below are some quotes and news snippets on this very important topic that we have compiled from around the web:

“Two foreign failed solar companies – one owned by offshore hedge funds the other backed by a foreign royal family – are attempting to manipulate our trade laws by asking President Trump to increase the cost of solar panels by a government mandate. Taxpayers should not have to bail-out one foreign-owned company only for their foreign financiers to get another payout.” -Fox News Host Sean Hannity

“They failed to create a business model that’s competitive in the United States, they’ve gone bankrupt, and now what they want to do is add an artificial cost to an industry that’s working just fine.” –North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis

“The more I read about this, the more outrageous it sounds. There are two foreign-owned companies who are pushing to greatly increase the tariffs on these key solar panels that would really cripple the solar industry in America.” –Syndicated Radio Host Michael Medved

“These two companies, they’re the only ones filing this claim. The entire rest of the solar industry is against them, saying that if you increase the price of these panels, you’re going to crush demand, it’ll threaten jobs throughout the entire industry. There are a lot of U.S. manufacturing jobs at risk here.” –Syndicated Radio Host Mike Gallagher

“Make no mistake: Tariffs would directly harm U.S. national security and needlessly put the lives of American troops at risk.” –Retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general Norman R. Seip

Southern Current is a member of the Energy Trade Action Coalition, a large, bipartisan group that includes solar companies, utilities, members of Congress, governors, and leading think-tanks.

Join us in fighting together to protect the 370,000+ Americans who work in solar by contacting the Trump Administration and voicing your opposition to solar tariffs.

Report: Solar Industry Employment Grew By 25% In 2016

The Solar Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that exists to increase understanding of solar energy through market research. The folks at the Foundation release an annual report which tracks employment trends of the solar industry, and their latest report looking at 2016 was just released.

Great News! Solar Industry Employment Showed STRONG Growth In 2016!

The latest report found that 260,077 solar workers were employed by the industry in 2016, increasing by 51,000 workers from 2015, or 25% growth!

  • Other findings from the latest solar jobs report:
    • 1 in 50 new US jobs were in the solar industry in 2016!
    • Solar industry employment has nearly tripled since 2010!
    • Over the next 12 months, employers surveyed expect to see employment increase by 10% to 286,335 solar workers!
    • More people are employed by the solar industry than the number of workers at Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook combined!
    • Solar employment growth accounted for over 16% of all electric power generation and fuels employment growth over the course of 2016.
    • Furthermore, solar employment growth was larger than employment growth in oil, natural gas, and coal combined!
    • There are more than double the amount of employees in the solar industry than in the coal industry, and just as many as in the natural gas industry!

Video: Solar Jobs Census 2016

Southern Current Expects To Hire New Solar Workers In 2017

If you have a passion for making the world better and are interested in joining the top solar installer in South Carolina, we encourage you to Contact Us to be added to our notifications lists for future job openings!

Invest In A Clean Energy Future & American Jobs

As you can see from above, an investment in a solar power system at your home or business has a number of benefits. Going solar means you’ll help your wallet (save money on energy costs), help the environment (by using green energy), and support over 260,000 hardworking Americans employed by this INCREDIBLE clean energy sector!