3 Reasons To LOVE Renewable Energy This Valentine’s Day

Southern Current’s team of solar experts have a strong passion for clean energy and environmental sustainability. Who is your Valentine?  This year, we choose solar!  Below: 3 reasons to love renewable energy!

Renewable energy has no pollutants.

Clean energy from solar has no carbon emissions or pollutants.  Producing clean energy with solar helps reduce dirty power used from fossil fuel-based power generation.  Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas block infrared radiation from leaving the earth’s atmosphere, which inevitably traps radiation from the sun and warms the planet’s surface.  Furthermore, traditional biomass and geothermal power plants require a significant amount of water to facilitate their vital cooling requirements.  Solar energy creates zero pollution of water resources and does not strain local water supplies since the operation does not require water.  Unlike non-renewable sources of energy, the sun will never run out of energy.  The sun produces 173,000 terawatts of natural energy every second, which can create renewable energy for your home for up to 25-30 years.

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Renewable energy is loved by solar customers.

In 2018, a new solar project was installed in the United States every 100 seconds.  Southern Current has successfully helped hundreds of families, like Connie’s, to lower their power bills.  Connie explained, “Southern Current showed us how our system would help with the environment and with our electric cost, they took our past electric bills to figure the size of system we needed, they walked us through the entire process of purchasing and setup as well as showing us how to keep up with the power we produce… Our system has been a saving grace to us”.  Another satisfied Southern Current customer, Bill, explained, “One neighbor who walks the neighborhood said our installation was the best looking of any she had seen. The real test is the savings on my power bill. Feb through Mar I have generated more power than I have used, meaning my bill is the minimum, $13.62 each month”.  Lee Murdaugh also explained his excitement for going solar with Southern Current, “My solar panels are currently putting out at about 120% of projection. I have currently produced 950 KW in 13 days.. my wife and I are both excited to see when the coming months Power bills go away… All systems go…. two thumbs up!”.  The love for solar power, clean energy, and decreased power bills is pretty hard to resist! 

Renewable energy can help reduce or eliminate power bills .

By reducing your carbon footprint, you are not only saving the earth, but also your money!  Whether it is for your business or your home, investing in solar can dramatically decrease and potentially eliminate your power bills.  Even if you do not produce 100% of the energy that you consume, your pocket will still greatly benefit from reduced utility bills, resulting in a lot of saved money.  The average American homeowner is able to pay off their solar panel system in about 7 to 8 years and receive a return on investment of about a 20% or more!




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