The Environmental Benefits Of Going Solar In South Carolina

Many homeowners in South Carolina are interested in going solar because they want to minimize environmental issues and carbon emissions associated with fossil fuel based power plants. But just how much environmental benefit does going solar provide? Here Are The Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy In South Carolina According to the EPA, the average household…

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Piedmont, South Carolina Homeowner Discusses Going Solar With Southern Current

The following interview was conducted with Laura S., recent Southern Current residential solar customer who lives in Piedmont, South Carolina. Find out how much money you could be saving on electricity costs by contacting Southern Current today! Please tell us a little bit about yourself. I have lived in South Carolina since 2003. I moved here from…

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Here’s How To Claim The Solar Tax Credits On Your Tax Return

Disclaimer: While we are one of South Carolina’s top solar installation companies, we are not tax experts. Our suggestions on this page about filing for your solar tax credit are exactly that – suggestions. Because individual situations may vary, please consult a tax professional before filing for your solar tax credit. Tax time is here,…

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Solar For The Home – How Many Panels Do I Need?

How big of a solar system you need to power your home is a very common and important question. Because every home is unique, the short answer is that it depends, and this is why we encourage people interested in solar to schedule a free consultation to receive a custom solar analysis and quote. However, we…

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South Carolina Solar Energy News – March Edition

The following article contains important news about solar & renewable energy in South Carolina from the month of March. Contact the Southeast’s leading solar company Southern Current to learn about powering your home or business with clean, unlimited solar energy. March News About Solar Energy In South Carolina Charleston Post & Courier: $10 million solar investment planned…

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